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The Nexus 7 by Google is a seven Inch IPS 12 800x1280 high resolution display tablet with an NVidia’s Tegra chip-3 (1.3GHz) onboard build by ASUS. Developed to bring you the best of Google and all its features in a portable, slim and elegant design that fits perfectly your hands. Gaming in mind the Nexus 7 uses a quad-core performance and newest sensors technology. You may choose between 8GB and 16GB data storage, which is sadly a bit too low for a new Android high performance tablet but we still have the cloud technology to work this out. Furthermore also an SD slot is missing. Equipped with a 1.3-megapixel front camera for video conference calls and small snapshots the Nexus 7 fulfills this aspect more or less alright. According to Google the Nexus 7 promises nine hours HD video playback and fun.

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